___Social Activities
Welcome to Christian Manor!
Welcome to Christian Manor!

Christian Manor Apartments offers a wide variety of activities for its residents:

The Pantry,located on the second floor of each
Welcome to Christian Manor! building offers residents the opportunity to "shop" for grocery items such as food, paper goods, and toiletries. These items are donated to Christian Manor residents by members of the Hendersonville Church of Christ. A "Pantry Day" is scheduled at least twice a year.

Beauty Salon,located on the fifth floor of Christian
Welcome to Christian Manor! Manor II is open to all Christian Manor residents. Perms, cuts, shampoos, and other services are offered.

Our Library,located on the third floor of Christian Manor II
Welcome to Christian Manor! offers a wide variety of reading materials as well as puzzles and games.

Activity Rooms:Our large Activity Rooms, complete with full
Welcome to Christian Manor! kitchen facilities, are perfect for those get togethers with friends and family. Residents may reserve these rooms at no charge for family gatherings, birthday parties, Christmas gatherings, etc.

Our Pavilion,which boasts a large fireplace can also be
Welcome to Christian Manor! reserved by Christian Manor residents for family gatherings, picnics, etc.

Transportation:Christian Manor provides transportation to
Welcome to Christian Manor! our local banks and grocery store. Monthly outings to restaurants, tea rooms, state parks and other points of interest are also offered to our residents.